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While these stunning images look like still shots, they’re actually the handiwork of “amateur” French photographer David Keochkerian. David’s style of infrared photography is achieved by using a special camera or lens filter to block out all light but the infrared waves. The result is another-worldly effect where the color is strange and piercing and the quality is celestial and dreamlike. By taking advantage of nature’s inherent beauty; from trees in bloom to a pond’s reflective properties, vivid tones and striking contrasts come together to produce the sort of magical surrealism that movies are made of. But as any behind-the-scenes creative talent knows, these shots required way more than the wave of a wand to materialize. Starting off with a D70 infrared and an external infrared filter and ultimately moving to a 590 nm internal filter for the D700; the photographer captures the images displayed below and perfect them in post-production.

Tips for those inclined to give infrared photography a spin; lush green foliage and the sunny skies of spring and summer are I feel ideal conditions for infrared photography; a tripod and remote is a must due to extended exposure times; shoot RAW images and adjust the white balance to your preference in post-production. Now, let’s take a peek at David Keochkerian’s compositions for inspiration, his treatments and styles.

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