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Heaven Land Switzerland

In 1943, with reference to Europe’s small nations, including Switzerland, Hitler stated that "all the rubbish of small nations still existing in Europe must be liquidated as fast as possible…" M. Hitler tried to get out of the dilemma into which his policies have driven him by savagely attacking Poland and by buying the alliance of Bolshevik Russia at an exorbitant price. In short, M. Hitler, while affirming his desire to see the end of hostilities, continues to demand that the world bow before the fait accompli of the annihilation of Poland. He continues to show his determination to exclude all the other powers from the East, where Germany, allied with Soviet Russia, wishes to exercise absolute rule. He calls for the end of hostilities and suggests a conference. But he begins by advancing the principle that Germany must obtain not only her old colonies, but colonies commensurable to the interests and the greatness of the Reich. Such impudence leaves one stunned, and we ask ourselves how he can dare to make such grandiose claims in the face of powers which have put him in such a critical position; for the history reveals clearly that he had only slight confidence in the developments of the war which he unleashed and which he was unable to curb, even though he wished to desperately…God and US saved Heaven Land Switzerland. Please Click on Heaven Land Switzerland Hyperlink for Images.


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