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Rainbows are gorgeous natural phenomena that can awe-inspire us at 3 years old and at 90 years old! If the sun appears directly after rain, who doesn’t look for the ensuing rainbow? Photographing rainbows is not quite so easy as finding them… to create a great shot there has to be many factors coming together, such as a great background and foreground, possibly a subject that is framed by the rainbow and relatively long exposure times as stormy weather usually means dim lighting conditions, but exposure times will not be the same for all rainbows, so experimentation is necessary before the rainbow disappears! WordPress Tags: Great,Rainbows,background,foreground,subject,exposure,times,experimentation,phenomena,factors

One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are experimentation, and one hundred photos out of focus are a style.


Posted December 23, 2012 by dranilj1 in Creative Photography

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