Inspiring Moments

Rainbow’s of Hanalei




A Moment Alone




Peregrine Falcon With Its Prey




Horses in Japan




Na Pali Nalu Hinuhinu – Bright, Shining, Lustrous Na Pali Wave








Lunar Eclipse Over Indian Peaks




Male Gelada Baboon in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia




The Flower and the drops




Leopard, Botswana




Southern Ground Hornbill in Flight




Leopard, Botswana




Lion Cub at Night in Botswana








Impala and Vultures




El Cap Firefall




A secret from ancient times lies in the secluded valley at the foot of the Himalayas.  Bhutan-Land of the Thunder Dragon.




Hawksbill Turtle




Rainbow Parrotfish Taking a Big Bite

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